React Native

Built with React Native

To design an app that provides a solution to an existing problem in the community.
Students of the D3 program at BCIT. Age range is 17-27.

This group experiences a tough learning curve with a consistent and intensive progression of course material.
Students in the program are lacking resources that help with progressing through the course material.

Existing platforms don't help students in building effective organizational skills.
UI Design Sprint UI Design Sprint Desktop Mockup
UI Design Sprint UI Design Sprint
Low Fidelity Mockups (mobile)
Desktop Mockup
High Fidelity Mockups (mobile)
Feeling equipped with skills in design and development, I took the role of the project manager to play to the strengths of my partners.

I played a significant role in ideation, design, testing, and development. Importantly, my role was to over-communicate on expectations, fascilitate the conversation around our product, and revise the solution we would provide to the end user.
Desktop Mockup
High Fidelity Mockups (mobile)
Business Card Design
Business Card Design