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Dr. Jeremy Jung is a highly trained Foot and Ankle Surgeon with experience treating a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions. He completed his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences locally from the University of British Columbia. Having moved away to pursue his doctorate in podiatrics, his recent return to Vancouver defines the start of his private practice.
Grow Dr. Jeremy Jung's newly established podiatric business.
To promote his practice we needed to establish a digital identity for the business.

We accomplished this by building a simple site that gives attention to his purpose, credentials, services, and business operations.

A website acts as the broadest touchpoint for a business that has a diverse target market.
Desktop Mockup
Low Fidelity Mockup
Low Fidelity Mockup
Low Fidelity Mockup
Low Fidelity Mockup
First Iterations of Low-Fi Mockups (mobile)
Low Fidelity Mockup
This is a more simplified version of the above mockups that I decided to continue with.

Considering the intent of a search for podiatrics is quite specific, a condensed website with prominent call-to-actions would suit the purpose of the website.

Work In Progress...

The follow up with Jeremy is to photograph him in his practice. Using those we are looking to curate a fully organic and original feeling to his brand.